Why You Should Never Skip the Home Inspection

Posted on: November 23, 2022

After finally finding your dream property, a home inspection may feel like an unnecessary step. You have already spent weeks looking at nearly every listing in your area; you know this is the right one. After all, everything looked good to you when you walked through in person. You may feel like you can forego the inspection process; however, there are numerous reasons why a home inspection is important.

A home inspection is an essential step in the home-buying process and should never be skipped. Even though a home may appear perfect, there could be many costly red flags hiding underneath the woodwork. Only a qualified professional can tell you if the house is truly worth the investment.

What is a home inspection?

A qualified inspector will thoroughly examine the property during a home inspection. A home safety expert will perform an objective search of the home and ensure that all is in working order. A traditional home inspection will cover a home’s climate control, plumbing, and electrical systems. Qualified inspectors will meticulously check the home’s foundation, walls, and roof to ensure they are structurally sound. Your home inspector will also ensure everything in the house is up to code, including fire egress windows and past additions.

The typical home inspection takes about three hours to complete and will review every major area in the home. Afterward, a detailed home inspection report will be drafted so you have all the information clearly stated in one place.

What can a home inspection find?

Your home inspector will inspect everything in the property, from the exterior structure to the interior systems. Even though a house looks good from the outside, an expert may find issues you would have missed before moving in.

There are several minor issues that inspectors commonly find in their examination. However, even though you may not need to fix everything your inspector finds, a majority of home buyers have had at least one major problem uncovered. Old roofing, faulty electrical work, and issues with the plumbing are among the most common problems found in home inspections.

A home inspection will do more than just uncover potential headaches. Revealing important safety hazards is a huge reason you need a home inspection. Inspectors will check the basement and attic for mold and water damage signs. They will ensure the home has been well-maintained by previous owners. A qualified home inspector will also be up to date on local laws on fire safety. So you can rest assured your home is up to code with smoke detectors and fire exits.

Why you need a home inspection

A home inspection is a necessary step in the buying process. Even if your inspector does not find any major issues, small problems can still be leveraged on your behalf during negotiations. With a multitude of benefits, there is no reason to skip out on a home inspection.

Find minor and major issues

No buyer wants to be saddled with a home’s problems left behind by the previous owners. Everything from damages, mold, and mildew to structural issues will be uncovered in your home inspection. Your home inspector will check all the systems in your home and certify that the heating, plumbing, and electricity are in good working order at the time of your purchase. A home inspection will give you the confidence to move into a home, knowing everything will be perfect.

You can bail

A home inspection ensures you don’t get stuck with a home needing more work than expected. If a significant problem is uncovered during the inspection process, you can back out on your offer to buy. A home inspection contingency is often added to a buyer’s contract. This allows buyers to reconsider if the inspection uncovered more than they were bargaining for. A home inspection ensures you are not going through with an unfortunate purchase.

Forecast future costs and protect your investment

Buying a property is expensive enough without incurring unaccounted costs shortly after moving in. Your qualified home inspector will work with you to forecast future costs associated with the home. They often uncover some problems that do not need to be fixed immediately but may rack up a bill in the future. This important information helps you with budgeting and insurance decisions after purchasing your home.

A home inspector has years of experience working with homes in the local area. They will be able to offer tips on home maintenance, saving you thousands of dollars in the coming years. A home is an investment; upkeeping it properly will ensure you get the maximum return. A home inspector can guide you in the right direction to preserve your asset.

Gives you the upper hand in negotiations

Buyers do not want to pay more than they have to for a home, especially if a home inspection uncovers additional costs. A home inspection is a great tool to save money. An estimated 46% of buyers could negotiate a lower price on their home after a home inspection. Often you can get a lower price even if your inspection only finds minor problems, so don’t miss out on saving by skipping a home inspection.

Ensures your home is safe

Most importantly, a home inspection will confirm your home is safe. No one wants to move into a home to discover safety issues. The best way to ensure your new home is safe for your family is to get a home inspection from a qualified professional.

Work with a qualified real estate professional

When navigating the home-buying process, you’ll want to have an experienced real estate agent on your side. They can help you schedule a home inspection with a local expert, negotiate the sale, and keep everything moving smoothly. Before you commit to a home, contact Connie Antoniou to help you through the process today.

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