Connie Antoniou

Connie Antoniou

Helping homeowners in the upper bracket find or sell their luxury lifestyle home is where my expertise shines.

I have been, and always will be, a marketing rebel. Helping homeowners in the upper bracket find or sell their Luxury Lifestyle Home is where my expertise shines. My passion and knowledge are in distilling the essence of a magnificent home and conveying that Essence to the most qualified buyers in the world.

I was born in Dubuque, the proud daughter of two multigenerational Greek families in the Motion Picture Business. I've met and dined with many of the Hollywood greats including Sylvester Stallone, Harry Belafonte Jr, and Kevin Costner to name a few. My love for popcorn remains to this day and I often reminisce about making barrels full of this "white gold" for hours under my father's employ.

I started my career with Brush Hill and Adam & Myers in the highly competitive Hinsdale market. During this time I was consistently in the top 5 % of agents and I sold or rented, many homes to the Blackhawks players and coaches in addition to the Who's Who of Chicago Executives, many of whom I consider friends to this day.

In 2007, I bought my first Sotheby’s International Realty office in Barrington, IL. After moving North in an attempt to get a fresh start with my family, I thought that my success in Hinsdale would easily translate into the Barrington market. Boy was I wrong. On top of that, the economy was collapsing and the entire real estate paradigm had shifted. Since then, I figured it out and have remained in the Top 5% of Chicago Agents ever since. I even opened a second International Boutique office in 2012, offering the same concierge-level brokerage services that the discriminating sellers and buyers in the Barrington's were seeking.

With this service model working so well, Jameson Sotheby's International Realty asked us to merge into their large organization with the promise to maintain the same level of service and boutique feel but with many more resources and staff to take Luxury Lifestyle Marketing for our Barrington and Northwest Suburban Chicago clients to a whole new level.

I have the heart to help the most people I can, to protect their home values, and to get the most they possibly can within the constraints of a fickle market. I painstakingly work with people wishing to sell their homes to determine the current market range and allow them to choose the listing price within that range based entirely on their level of motivation to sell within a certain timeframe. And then I promote the hell out of it both locally, online, and in print, to the most qualified buyers in the world.

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We are known in our communities for our integrity and the exceptional level of service we provide. From Barrington to Wynstone to Long Grove, if you're buying or selling luxury property we are here to help.

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